General Market Product Range

All of our products are designed with years of experience in industry.  Each generation of our products reflect the needs of our customers and their daily cooking routine.


Refrigerated Backcounter

Holding your products cold and fresh!

Are you proud of freshness of your ingredients? Do you want to show it to your customers?
Our cold Tri-Channel is ideal for your front counter solution or your back-kitchen saladettes.

Everybody need to use properly their precious kitchen space. We can offer you refrigerated backcounters where you can store cold beverages or sauces, while offering you Stainless steel workplace on the top.

Holding your products hot and crispy!

Holding Units Brochure

Check wide range of hot holding solutions. Did somebody mentioned their burger was slightly colder than last time? Be an example of serving your food hot and tasty!

New HS2 4" Deep Multipan

HS2 is your model of choice but your menu require more flexibility? Bigger batches? Check our HS2 units with 4" deep pans!


Are you serving Soups? Do you need your BBQ sauce ready and right on your worktable? Our waterless wells are the model of choice!

Duke Food preparation solutions

Looking for Batch cooking/baking solution?

Let us present you our Proofer Baking Center and Flexible Batch Broiler!

Proofer Baking Center

Flexible Batch Broiler

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