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Proofer Baking Center

The heart of any foodservice operation is its cooking equipment 


For nearly 100 years Duke has built a reputation as your solutions partner for cooking, holding, and serving equipment for educational, commercial, and industrial applications.

We understand the challenges associated with providing a great user experience while trying to increase participation and deliver consistent, quality menu items. Our wide array of serving lines, holding appliances, and merchandising equipment can be instrumental to delivering a great user experience for your guests.


All of our products are designed with years of experience in the industry.  Each generation of our products reflects the needs of our customers and their daily cooking routine.


Duke’s All-In-One proofing and baking center is specifically designed to bake evenly with better performance and uniformity of baked goods than a standard convection oven. The PBC 6/18M is ideal for baked goods including cookies, cakes, muffins, bread, croissants, and other confections.


  • 5.7” LCD display, touch screen control

  • Programmable recipe feature allows for 18 baking and 5 proofing recipes to be available in one touch

  • 5,000 watts of baking power

  • 1,000 watts of proofing power with two 500 watt heating elements

  • Fully welded interior cavity with a cool touch door

  • Space saving design reduces the footprint of the kitchen

  • 9 full sheet proofer pan and 3 full sheet baking pan capacity enables efficient barrel baking

Piece of cake

Proofer Baking Center spec sheet :

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