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What is the Duke Technological Advantage?

1. Duke HeatSink Dual Pan Zoned Heat Technology

Our technology combined with years of experience ensures the most stable environment for your food products

  • Heat is very evenly generated from top and bottom ensuring the best quality and hold times

  • You can control the humidity of the food using lids that are part of the unit as seen below

Diagram with holding technology.

2. Duke uses Bins with High Heat Food Pans

Cambro pan with food.

This keeps the held food hot, crispy, and juicy​

  • Consistent temperature and high level of moisture control

  • Eliminates transfer of flavors for a unique tasting foods

3. Variety of Setups and Sizes

  • Duke holding units come with plastic high heat pans which help to transfer heat very gently into the product

  • You can also use metal cooking sheets in larger holding units

  • Duke holding units offer wide product range - check this section

pan sizes.JPG
cooking sheets.JPG
Fish and Chips
Potato Wedges
Chicken Burger
Salmon Fillet

Heat Sink2 Traits and Benefits

Robust Design

• HeatSink™ technology is proven in more than 40,000 Burger King® PHU’s

• Simple, strong and solid – built to last

• Supports the weight of an individual without bending or affecting operations     of the unit

Easy to Clean

• Smooth edges, fewer fasteners, and screws, no open holes or cracks

• Simple design with fewer moving parts

• Timer bar spacing, designed for cleanability

• No foam gaskets

Prevents Grease Migration

• Protected design keeps grease out by fully sealing the unit and protecting it with an engineered stainless steel faceplateand platen overhangs

Duke Product Holding Unit.

Future Proof

Duke Product Holding Unit.

• The HS2 can be updated remotely with new recipe settings and firmware versions.

• The flexible heat zones and software adaptability ensures the unit can evolve with your kitchen needs.

Reliable, Tested

• Grease & stress tested in a duplicated Burger King® environment for lifecycle longevity

• Applied over 12 years of push button usage with no appreciable wear produced on Duke developed timer bars

• Water immersed timer bars to ensure proper sealing around critical components

Ease of Service

• Plug & play timer bars – user replaceable, no service agent required

• Wire heating element is easy to replace and known by service technicians

• Well organized controls, isolated from heat and grease

• Advanced diagnostic capabilities reduce downtime and disruptions by alerting you to problems

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