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Flexible Batch Broiler

The flexible cooking solution for your kitchen by Duke 

All of our products are designed with years of experience in the industry and reflect the needs of our customers and their daily cooking routine.

Consistently cooks hot, juicy products for your customers.

The Duke Flexible Batch Broiler consistently delivers juicier, more flavorful product leading to higher guest satisfaction. Our closed batch cooking platform broils product in a group, delivering a pan full of consistently cooked product all at once – rather than one at a time.

Our Flexible Batch Broiler delivers 12 burgers in 2 minutes. 
With the Duke broiler, all patties discharge within a few seconds, allowing the operator to move the product quickly into the product holding unit, ensuring minimal loss of heat.

Designed to ensure a fast and efficient cooking for 
Burger King's kitchens. 


Consistent flame-like cooking

Once product is loaded into the broiler, the loading tray can be filled with the next product (or new batch of the same product) to queue-up cook cycle and ensure maximum capacity.

With advanced menu-programming technology, the FBB provides you the flexibility for quality cooking as your menu expands in the future.

Cleanability & Serviceability

Easy to clean, easy to service, easy to operate.

Duke designed the broiler with the operator in mind, including store-replaceable parts, simple operation, and advanced store diagnostics.
The Duke broiler provides quicker, easier maintenance with fewer parts requiring daily cleaning.

heating element.png

User replaceable top and bottom elements, and assembly, will significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Spare elements and fuses included with each new broiler. 

Easy to operate and train employees. 

Gas and electric broilers have many common parts, including the same vent hood. Each broiler order comes with a complete set of 6 user-replaceable elements standard.

Digital library

Looking for more info about our models and technology? Are you an owner of FBB unit? Download more info below!




IPL Gas Broiler

llustrated Parts List for Flexible Batch Broiler

IPL Electric Broiler

llustrated Parts List for Flexible Batch Broiler

Broiler CE Manual - Gas

Owner manual - Flexible Batch Broiler

Manual CE Electric Broiler

Owner manual - Flexible Batch Broiler

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