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Heat Sink2™ Traits and Benefits

Robust Design

• HeatSink™ technology is proven in more than 40,000 Burger King® PHU’s • Simple, strong and solid – built to last • Supports the weight of an individual without bending or affecting operations of the unit

Easy to Clean

• Smooth edges, fewer fasteners, and screws, no open holes or cracks • Simple design with fewer moving parts • Timer bar spacing, designed for cleanability • No foam gaskets

Prevents Grease Migration

• Protected design keeps grease out by fully sealing the unit and protecting it with an engineered stainless steel faceplateand platen overhangs

Future Proof

• The HS2 can be updated remotely with new recipe settings and firmware versions • The flexible heat zones and software adaptability ensures the unit can evolve with your kitchen needs

Reliable, Tested

• Grease & stress tested in a duplicated Burger King® environment for lifecycle longevity • Applied over 12 years of push button usage with no appreciable wear produced on Duke developed timer bars • Water immersed timer bars to ensure proper sealing around critical components

Ease of Service

• Plug & play timer bars – user replaceable, no service agent required • Wire heating element is easy to replace and known by service technicians • Well organized controls, isolated from heat and grease • Advanced diagnostic capabilities reduce downtime and disruptions by alerting you to problems

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