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What is the Duke Technological Advantage?

1. Duke HeatSink™ Dual Pan Zoned Heat Technology

Our technology combined with years of experience ensures the most stable environment for your food products

  • Heat is very evenly generated from top and bottom ensuring the best quality and hold times

  • You can control the humidity of the food using lids that are part of the unit as seen below

2. Duke uses Bins with High Heat Food Pans

This keeps the held food hot, crispy, and juicy​​

  • Consistent temperature and high level of moisture control

  • Eliminates transfer of flavors for a unique tasting foods

3. Variety of Setups and Sizes

  • Duke holding units come with plastic high heat pans which help to transfer heat very gently into the product

  • You can also use metal cooking sheets in larger holding units

  • Duke holding units offer wide product range which you can explore at our Homepage

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